Jade invested in some beautiful heavy drapes for her house

He advised her to invest in a ceiling fan that would help distribute the cool air better in her home.

Jade was only used to short summers and some long winter months. So, you can imagine her shock when she relocated to an area with only mild winters and brutally hot summers. In fact, Jade was quite taken aback that she fell ill that first summer. That’s when she came face to face with dehydration which is quite common in such places. Jade’s physician advised her to now start taking more electrolytes and also avoid working outside for too long when the sun is hot. Since her body isn’t used to such extremities, jade must take things slowly to acclimatize. Jade also got to learn that air conditioning can do a number on your energy costs. That first summer month was the toughest. Jade kept adjusting her thermostat in an effort to make the house cooler. All the changes meant the air conditioner was using more energy to maintain good indoor air comfort. This reflected in her electric bill that almost sent her back to the hospital. Jade decided to consult with a nearby AC business to find out different ways to keep her house cool. The AC professional who came to service her unit was quite happy to help Jade out. He advised her to invest in a ceiling fan that would help distribute the cool air better in her home. The AC professional also said Jade needed some blackout curtains. The heavy ones were the best at keeping the bright light and heat out which meant relying less on the AC. Soon after, Jade invested in some beautiful heavy blackout curtains and she loves them.
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Spa day was canceled because the air conditioner broke down

I was trying to avoid the same mistake I made last year for Mother’s Day, when I decided to take my mom out for an afternoon brunch.

Well, not only was the restaurant crowded, but there was also a band playing music.

This means the noise level was so overwhelming that we could barely hear ourselves. So, most of the brunch was spent talking at the top of our voices. Later that evening, our throats felt scratchy from overusing our vocal cords from the afternoon. Well, since Mother’s Day is one of the busiest times of year for restaurants, I decided to skip that idea this year. Instead, I scheduled a spa day for me, my mom and my daughter Mia. Well, our appointment was for 11 a.m. and then afterwards, I planned a miniature boat cruise that traverses through one of the gorgeous neighborhoods in the town that I live in. Everything about this plan was full-proof, but it didn’t go over without a hitch. Of all days, the air conditioner inside the spa decided to break down. And unfortunately, when we arrived at the spa, they were scrambling to try to get the air conditioner up and running. The owner was on the phone with her air conditioner provider and was trying to get a service technician to come out to the spa. It didn’t help that the temperature outside was 89 degrees, so without air conditioning, inside was going to feel like a furnace soon. We decided to reschedule the spa date for next week and did the boat cruise instead, which my mom thoroughly enjoyed. I just hope that the air conditioner at the spa will be working fine when we go back.

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A comfortable workspace with air conditioning is a necessity for me

I am loving that the weather has been warming up lately because I have been wanting to take a trip to the beach. And now would be the perfect time to do so before the Summer crowds take over. Summer is my favorite time of year and though it’s not without some challenges, I would rather deal with the heat than the cold. Except in certain situations, and this is one of them. A few weeks ago, the air conditioner broke down inside the building where I work. And to say that inside the building was hot would be an understatement. It was unbearable, and it didn’t help that the temperature was 92 degrees outside. To be honest, I probably would’ve been better off sitting outside than baking inside the hot building. Initially, when the air conditioner broke down, I thought that my boss would’ve allowed us to take the rest of the day off, instead, he had the maintenance manager bring fans into the office for us. While fans can provide some relief from the heat, they do not replace air conditioning. And the fans actually made the office space even more uncomfortable because all they did was to circulate the warm air throughout the room. It’s in times like those that put things into perspective for me. I can be outside all day basking in the sun and the heat for hours at a time, but I can’t work for 5 minutes inside a hot building. If I have to work on a daily basis, the least that my company can do is to guarantee that they provide comfortable working conditions and that includes working air conditioning.


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We rented a sport yacht that has built-in air conditioning

A few years ago, my entire family went on vacation in the southern part of the country.

That was an amazing vacation as it was one of the first times that me and my family spent so much time together.

Because we stayed on the coast, we did a lot of excursions on the water. On one particular day, my dad and my cousin went fishing, while the rest of us spent the day on a pontoon boat. I had been on a pontoon boat before, so I knew what to expect, but it was the first time that my mom experienced one. Well, the day of our boat trip ended up being a brutally hot day in the middle of the Summer. Unfortunately, my mom was very uncomfortable in the heat because our pontoon boat had no air conditioning. Overall, the boat trip was good, as being on the water with the wind was a bit of relief from the heat. This year, we plan on taking another family vacation. We would like to do another boat day, but this time around, we have made an upgrade. Instead of a pontoon boat, we reserved a really nice yacht. It’s a smaller model sport yacht that has built-in climate control. Having the air conditioning allows for more comfort as we cruise on the water. The air conditioner is available inside the cabin of the yacht. So, if my mom or any of my other family members want a more comfortable experience, they can easily hangout inside the air conditioned space. Personally, I don’t care about the air conditioning. I will be on the deck soaking up the sun and the warm Summer breeze.

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We installed a ductless mini split air conditioner in our basement

My son Jason would like to move back home for about a year so that he could save some money.

Jason hasn’t always made the right decisions, but within reason, we allowed him to try to find his own way. You can raise a child, but you can’t always dictate what path they will take. Of course, they will make mistakes because that is part of the journey, right? And over the years, Jason had his share of mistakes, but he never gave up and that’s all that mattered. Anyway, when Jason mentioned he wanted to move back home, we thought the best place for him would be the basement. He would have his own entry as well as his own bathroom and kitchen area. It would literally be his own apartment inside our house. The basement was already finished and the only thing that we needed to do was to find air conditioning and heating for it. Prior to finishing our basement, we thought about extending the HVAC into the area, but based on what we discovered that was the costliest option. In fact, our HVAC technician did not recommend doing that at all. Instead, he suggested buying a ductless mini split air conditioner and installing it ourselves. The ductless mini split air conditioner is a great option for small spaces like basements. These units are a fully functional HVAC systems providing both heating and cooling. Plus, some of the units come with multiple air handlers for use in more than one room. Not to mention, these ductless mini split air conditioners are some of the most efficient HVAC units on the market. All in all, the ductless mini split air conditioner worked out well and Jason will be nice and comfortable inside his basement apartment.
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Using a ceiling fan along with an HVAC unit is a great idea

Using the fan is a great idea because not only will it save me money on my energy bill, but it will also give my HVAC unit a break from working so hard

Ever since my sister Sarah told me how she had been saving money on her energy bill by installing a ceiling fan, I had been thinking about getting a fan of my own for my bedroom. Well, she decided to get me one for Christmas after I mentioned it to her. Earlier this year, my brother James installed the fan for me, but I hadn’t used it because it was still very much Winter. But a few weeks ago, I finally used the fan after the weather warmed up outside. Sarah explained that in order to see the most savings without sacrificing comfort, I should use the fan with my HVAC unit. She suggested that I increase the temperature on my thermostat and use the fan as a way to circulate the cold air throughout the room. On the very first night, I did what she suggested and was completely impressed with the results. I honestly thought that I would be hot since I increased my thermostat to 76 degrees and then used the fan all night. When I woke up the next day, I realized that I slept like a baby and didn’t toss my blanket off. Typically, I would sleep with my thermostat set to 72, which was my ideal sleeping temperature. But with the ceiling fan, I can now make the adjustments going forward. Using the fan is a great idea because not only will it save me money on my energy bill, but it will also give my HVAC unit a break from working so hard. Plus, it could also extend the life of my HVAC unit because it will have less wear and tear. If you don’t have a ceiling fan in your home, I recommend that you install one.

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I use a space heater instead of my HVAC unit

I finally packed up my space heater and placed it inside my garage because I won’t need it again until later this year.

I began using my air conditioner a few weeks ago because the weather finally changed for good.

And that meant it was time to put away the space heater for the season. Perhaps you’re wondering why I have a space heater, especially since I have an HVAC unit. Well, I use a space heater because I don’t like using my central heating during the colder months. While the central heating does make the house warm and cozy, I prefer to avoid using it. The only time I will turn on my central heating is when the temperature inside my home drops below 60 degrees. And that happens so infrequently that a few years ago, I decided to get a space heater for those colder days. Not only can the space heater provide the heat that I need, but it also can save money on my energy bill. I live alone and instead of heating my entire house, I can easily use the space heater in the rooms that I am in. So, if I am spending time in my living room and it’s too cold, I can easily use the space heater instead of my central heating. Plus at night, I turn on my space heater inside my bedroom. When it gets to the ideal temperature, I turn it off before I go to bed. Of course, if I had roommates, kids, pets or a husband, this wouldn’t work as well. But if you’re single like I am and you live alone, I recommend ditching the HVAC during the Winter and using a space heater instead.

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A ductless mini split air conditioner is great for a small warehouse

My husband John is obsessed with antique cars and scooters.

Ever since he was a teenager, he has been buying and fixing these vintage relics.

He has a small warehouse in our backyard where he works on the weekends fixing all kinds of scooters and old cars. He even belongs to a club that meets up occasionally to show off their vintage rides. Well, last year, the meeting was in our town and John invited some of his friends from the club over to our house. He fired up the grill and they had a cookout, and it was a huge success. The only issue was that it was way too hot and some of the guys ended up inside John’s warehouse to escape the blistering heat. Thankfully, a few years ago, John installed a ductless mini split air conditioner inside his warehouse when it became too hot for him to handle. The ductless mini split air conditioner worked out well for him. In fact, it was one of the best things that he could have bought for his workspace. Prior to installing the ductless mini split air conditioner, he was using fans to try to keep himself cool. And there were days that he would come inside the house, and he was drenched in sweat. So, we began to do some research on the best way to cool a workspace and the ductless mini split air conditioner was recommended by a few people. Typically, a warehouse like what John has isn’t a space where you would find air conditioning. But take it from me, if you’re looking for a way to keep a warehouse space cool, I highly recommend the mini split air conditioner.

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There’s a shortage of HVAC techs in my town

I kept hearing and reading that there is a shortage of HVAC technicians, but it never impacted me until recently.

This has been something that has been circulating for over a year now, but I have never had an issue with getting service, so I believed it was only impacting larger markets.

Well, I was wrong about that because I live in a smaller town, and a few weeks ago, I needed my HVAC unit serviced, so I contacted my HVAC provider. And typically, when I call for service, they have a tech out the next day and sometimes even the same day. Well, this time around, I was told that it would take 72 hours before an HVAC tech can service my unit. After hearing that, I asked the representative from the HVAC company about the long wait time. The rep then explained that they have a shortage of techs, and they are trying to keep up with the demand. She explained that the technicians were working 14 or more hours because of all the service calls. And since my service was not an emergency, I would have the longest delay. Thankfully, my unit was still working, and this was just regular maintenance for me. So, I told the representative that I was flexible, and I was willing to give up my spot for someone who needed it more. It’s the least I could do to help the situation of the HVAC technician shortage. Not many people think about it, but the HVAC techs are partly responsible for keeping our homes comfortable all year round. And I hope that my HVAC provider can figure out something soon to help with the shortage of techs.

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How did people stay cool without air conditioning?

Have you ever wondered what people did to stay comfortable inside their homes without air conditioning? Well, speaking from experience, when I was growing up, my house only had 2 window air conditioners.

So, there were many rooms inside my childhood home that lacked air conditioning.

However, we had a few fans that helped to circulate the air throughout the house. At the time, it was the best situation for my family and I because there were lots of houses that only had fans. I once saw pictures from back in the 1800s or perhaps early 1900s, where kids were dunking their heads in water and were also licking blocks of ice to stay cool. This happened prior to the period when air conditioners were installed in residential homes. As fun as these ideas sound, nothing beats having central air conditioning. And thankfully, with the invention, we can enjoy the luxury of a cool home whenever we like. I could be wrong, but the weather back in the 1800s was probably not as hot as it is today, so finding fun ways to cool off would work for the people who lived back then. When I was growing up, we didn’t dunk our heads in water, but we did run through the water from the fire sprinklers or fire hydrants that were on our block. This was one of the ways that we tried to beat the heat during the hot Summer months. Having air conditioning is a luxury that many of us enjoy today, and personally, I am glad that we have access to A/C because I am not sure what I would do without it.

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When should you replace your HVAC unit?

There is a famous idiom that goes, “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it.” It basically means to leave things alone.

I have always lived by this throughout my life, and it has saved me so much money over the years.

When it comes to money, you can call me cheap, and I won’t be offended. In fact, I would rather not spend my money on frivolous things. For instance, I have had the same smartphone for 4 years now and I have gotten ridiculed for having a phone that is so old. But guess what? My phone works perfectly fine and does exactly what I need it to do. I can receive and make calls, I can receive and send messages, and I can also watch videos with no issues. So, in my head, why would I spend money on a new phone if I didn’t need to. If my phone was giving problems, then I would replace it. I use that policy with the appliances and equipment in my home. For instance, when my HVAC provider suggested that I replace my HVAC unit because it was past the expiration date, I decided to get a second opinion. At the time, there was nothing wrong with my 15-year-old HVAC unit. There were no malfunctions or breakdowns, no electrical problems, no loss in efficiency, and there were no spikes in my energy consumption. Aside from the age of the unit, there was absolutely nothing wrong with it. And the second opinion from another licensed HVAC provider confirmed this for me. So, until my HVAC unit shows signs of decline, I will not replace it because it is still functioning as efficiently as can be.

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The smart control equipment can be a nice investment

My control equipment has done fine, and I have never had an issue with it.

I just listened to my siblings ramble on and on about the latest gadget that they got for their home. They invested in a programmable nesting control equipment that he claims can save them up to 30% on their energy bill. Of course, in order for any savings to happen, the control equipment needs to be programmed officially. Anyway, my siblings were bragging about all the features of the smart control equipment that include the reminders, the weekly reports, the easy access with Wi-Fi capabilities plus how it could tell outside temperature, and so much more. They swear this smart control equipment is one of the best gadgets that they have in their home. And trust me they have many gadgets as my siblings are constantly trying to seek the next best thing. So, for them to provide the smart control equipment such a rave review, it means that the unit is living up to the hype. I am nothing like them and I could care less about new shiny gadgets. I am more economical and enjoy using what I have unless something goes wrong. So, I have never considered getting smart control equipment because I didn’t think that I needed one. My control equipment has done fine, and I have never had an issue with it. Though I’m not that into gadgets, I suppose that if the smart control equipment can deliver on the savings, then it’s a great investment. After all, in no time, the control equipment would pay for itself. And that alone is a nice reason to invest in this device.

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