We rented a sport yacht that has built-in air conditioning

A few years ago, my entire family went on vacation in the southern part of the country.

That was an amazing vacation as it was one of the first times that me and my family spent so much time together.

Because we stayed on the coast, we did a lot of excursions on the water. On one particular day, my dad and my cousin went fishing, while the rest of us spent the day on a pontoon boat. I had been on a pontoon boat before, so I knew what to expect, but it was the first time that my mom experienced one. Well, the day of our boat trip ended up being a brutally hot day in the middle of the Summer. Unfortunately, my mom was very uncomfortable in the heat because our pontoon boat had no air conditioning. Overall, the boat trip was good, as being on the water with the wind was a bit of relief from the heat. This year, we plan on taking another family vacation. We would like to do another boat day, but this time around, we have made an upgrade. Instead of a pontoon boat, we reserved a really nice yacht. It’s a smaller model sport yacht that has built-in climate control. Having the air conditioning allows for more comfort as we cruise on the water. The air conditioner is available inside the cabin of the yacht. So, if my mom or any of my other family members want a more comfortable experience, they can easily hangout inside the air conditioned space. Personally, I don’t care about the air conditioning. I will be on the deck soaking up the sun and the warm Summer breeze.

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