A comfortable workspace with air conditioning is a necessity for me

I am loving that the weather has been warming up lately because I have been wanting to take a trip to the beach. And now would be the perfect time to do so before the Summer crowds take over. Summer is my favorite time of year and though it’s not without some challenges, I would rather deal with the heat than the cold. Except in certain situations, and this is one of them. A few weeks ago, the air conditioner broke down inside the building where I work. And to say that inside the building was hot would be an understatement. It was unbearable, and it didn’t help that the temperature was 92 degrees outside. To be honest, I probably would’ve been better off sitting outside than baking inside the hot building. Initially, when the air conditioner broke down, I thought that my boss would’ve allowed us to take the rest of the day off, instead, he had the maintenance manager bring fans into the office for us. While fans can provide some relief from the heat, they do not replace air conditioning. And the fans actually made the office space even more uncomfortable because all they did was to circulate the warm air throughout the room. It’s in times like those that put things into perspective for me. I can be outside all day basking in the sun and the heat for hours at a time, but I can’t work for 5 minutes inside a hot building. If I have to work on a daily basis, the least that my company can do is to guarantee that they provide comfortable working conditions and that includes working air conditioning.


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