Spa day was canceled because the air conditioner broke down

I was trying to avoid the same mistake I made last year for Mother’s Day, when I decided to take my mom out for an afternoon brunch.

Well, not only was the restaurant crowded, but there was also a band playing music.

This means the noise level was so overwhelming that we could barely hear ourselves. So, most of the brunch was spent talking at the top of our voices. Later that evening, our throats felt scratchy from overusing our vocal cords from the afternoon. Well, since Mother’s Day is one of the busiest times of year for restaurants, I decided to skip that idea this year. Instead, I scheduled a spa day for me, my mom and my daughter Mia. Well, our appointment was for 11 a.m. and then afterwards, I planned a miniature boat cruise that traverses through one of the gorgeous neighborhoods in the town that I live in. Everything about this plan was full-proof, but it didn’t go over without a hitch. Of all days, the air conditioner inside the spa decided to break down. And unfortunately, when we arrived at the spa, they were scrambling to try to get the air conditioner up and running. The owner was on the phone with her air conditioner provider and was trying to get a service technician to come out to the spa. It didn’t help that the temperature outside was 89 degrees, so without air conditioning, inside was going to feel like a furnace soon. We decided to reschedule the spa date for next week and did the boat cruise instead, which my mom thoroughly enjoyed. I just hope that the air conditioner at the spa will be working fine when we go back.

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