I use a space heater instead of my HVAC unit

I finally packed up my space heater and placed it inside my garage because I won’t need it again until later this year.

I began using my air conditioner a few weeks ago because the weather finally changed for good.

And that meant it was time to put away the space heater for the season. Perhaps you’re wondering why I have a space heater, especially since I have an HVAC unit. Well, I use a space heater because I don’t like using my central heating during the colder months. While the central heating does make the house warm and cozy, I prefer to avoid using it. The only time I will turn on my central heating is when the temperature inside my home drops below 60 degrees. And that happens so infrequently that a few years ago, I decided to get a space heater for those colder days. Not only can the space heater provide the heat that I need, but it also can save money on my energy bill. I live alone and instead of heating my entire house, I can easily use the space heater in the rooms that I am in. So, if I am spending time in my living room and it’s too cold, I can easily use the space heater instead of my central heating. Plus at night, I turn on my space heater inside my bedroom. When it gets to the ideal temperature, I turn it off before I go to bed. Of course, if I had roommates, kids, pets or a husband, this wouldn’t work as well. But if you’re single like I am and you live alone, I recommend ditching the HVAC during the Winter and using a space heater instead.

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