How did people stay cool without air conditioning?

Have you ever wondered what people did to stay comfortable inside their homes without air conditioning? Well, speaking from experience, when I was growing up, my house only had 2 window air conditioners.

So, there were many rooms inside my childhood home that lacked air conditioning.

However, we had a few fans that helped to circulate the air throughout the house. At the time, it was the best situation for my family and I because there were lots of houses that only had fans. I once saw pictures from back in the 1800s or perhaps early 1900s, where kids were dunking their heads in water and were also licking blocks of ice to stay cool. This happened prior to the period when air conditioners were installed in residential homes. As fun as these ideas sound, nothing beats having central air conditioning. And thankfully, with the invention, we can enjoy the luxury of a cool home whenever we like. I could be wrong, but the weather back in the 1800s was probably not as hot as it is today, so finding fun ways to cool off would work for the people who lived back then. When I was growing up, we didn’t dunk our heads in water, but we did run through the water from the fire sprinklers or fire hydrants that were on our block. This was one of the ways that we tried to beat the heat during the hot Summer months. Having air conditioning is a luxury that many of us enjoy today, and personally, I am glad that we have access to A/C because I am not sure what I would do without it.

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