We installed a ductless mini split air conditioner in our basement

My son Jason would like to move back home for about a year so that he could save some money.

Jason hasn’t always made the right decisions, but within reason, we allowed him to try to find his own way. You can raise a child, but you can’t always dictate what path they will take. Of course, they will make mistakes because that is part of the journey, right? And over the years, Jason had his share of mistakes, but he never gave up and that’s all that mattered. Anyway, when Jason mentioned he wanted to move back home, we thought the best place for him would be the basement. He would have his own entry as well as his own bathroom and kitchen area. It would literally be his own apartment inside our house. The basement was already finished and the only thing that we needed to do was to find air conditioning and heating for it. Prior to finishing our basement, we thought about extending the HVAC into the area, but based on what we discovered that was the costliest option. In fact, our HVAC technician did not recommend doing that at all. Instead, he suggested buying a ductless mini split air conditioner and installing it ourselves. The ductless mini split air conditioner is a great option for small spaces like basements. These units are a fully functional HVAC systems providing both heating and cooling. Plus, some of the units come with multiple air handlers for use in more than one room. Not to mention, these ductless mini split air conditioners are some of the most efficient HVAC units on the market. All in all, the ductless mini split air conditioner worked out well and Jason will be nice and comfortable inside his basement apartment.
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