Author: Trent

Expanded and improved home security

A few years ago, a security system provided only basic features. A beep would sound when a door was opened. If the common code wasn’t punched in suddenly enough, an alarm would sound. There were magnetic sensors and miles of wires concealed inside the walls. The control panel was quite giant and simplistic. While the […]

Our home is in a high crime area

My spouse and I were able to afford our first home because the town is right on the cusp of a high crime area. We got a great price on a fine sized lot and a three kitchen, two powder room house with a connected garage. Our plan was to spend three years fixing up […]

Clean and disinfect the entire HVAC system

It’s entirely important to have a disinfect and well took care of HVAC unit, once every year you should have the system evaluated by a maintenance professional that is trained and skilled in heating and a/c, having the HVAC component cleaned and took care of can undoubtedly help add to the benefits of having an […]

A home together what my friend

My bestie and I decided to get a home together. I was pretty excited about moving into a place of our own. My bestie was living alone already, but I had a bunch of roommates and we never had any time alone at my place. We looked at a bunch of different apartments before we […]

Service for portable HVAC component

2 years ago, we had an undoubtedly hot and humid summer time and it was very hard to keep the house cool. My wife and I thought about buying a window air conditioning for our bedroom but we ended up going with a portable A/C equipment instead. The portable A/C equipment has been undoubtedly superb […]

A healthy dose of HVAC systems

It is time and I am back for another round of writing. I’ll write for another 15 minutes or so and then take another break if I’m not done. I like working in chunks like this, taking breaks in between to let the eyes soften and relax for a while before starting another round of […]

Sunday is heating up with a/c

It seems like my friend and I are getting close to doing that, and once we do, I’ll be able to spend less time working at the local business and more time focusing on music as a Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) technician This week’s Sunday, and my friend and I are scheduled to […]

Fixing the radiant boiler again

After doing some shopping tomorrow, I plan to spend the afternoon performing for customers of a beach bar from the pier outside the bar It looks like I need to get my laundry hung up outside so I have clean sheets for tonight. Also, it’s been a while since I washed my blanket, and it’s […]

The oil boiler is a ghost

My life is a dramatic film. In fact, let me tell you something. The film has dull sections followed by more exciting ones. It’s been a bit dull around here lately, but I’m told that will change soon and things will get interesting again. After a long and tumultuous relationship, I decided to live a […]

Cat fights and pure air quality

Our cats got into another little fight just now. When my roommate and I let her dog out of the house, it immediately starts attacking my cats. My dog, who is only a year old, and her dog just got into another fight, and this time my dog scratched her dog in the nose. Perhaps […]