Author: Trent

Radiant heated floors

When my husband and I built our house, there was no debate about how we’d manage heating. With short summers and freezing cold winters that last approximately eight straight months, the heating system is the priority. We weren’t concerned with central cooling. We liked the unique benefits of radiant heated floors. The system requires a […]

Delighted to discover high velocity heating and cooling

I was delighted to learn about the existence of high-velocity heating and cooling systems. Not so long ago, a house without ductwork was very limited in temperature control options. My husband and I were unwilling to take on the huge project of installing a duct system. We didn’t want to tear down walls and ceilings, […]

Upgrading to a smart thermostat is a big improvement

The new thermostat has made a huge improvement to everything from comfort to aesthetics When I began looking into replacing my thermostat, I wasn’t prepared for the number of options. There has been a huge progression in thermostat technology. Today’s smart thermostats simplify temperature control, trim utility costs and make it easier to take better […]

Adding a humidifier improves comfort

The humidifier introduces moisture back into the air and maintains proper humidity levels.The home feels warmer and more comfortable. The weather in the northeast presents some challenges. While we experience four unique seasons, the conditions are typically chilly, windy and wet. Our summer-like weather doesn’t last more than two months. The winters are by far […]

Importance of duct sealing

The average American home loses up to 30% of heated and cooled air because of flaws in the ductwork. The duct system is a network of pipes that are largely concealed behind walls and ceilings and inside crawl spaces, garages, basements and attics. Due to poor design and wear and tear, separations can develop at […]

Installing a central air conditioner

I live in an area that doesn’t require a central air conditioner. The sunny days don’t last long. Sometimes, the entire summer is chilly and wet. However, most years we get a couple of months of high heat and excessive humidity. Opening the windows doesn’t help much, simply bringing in pollen, bugs, exhaust fumes and […]

Air purifier makes a difference

It’s extremely important to me that I keep a clean and healthy home. I live in an area where the weather extremes rarely allow opening a window. For most of the year, we keep the house sealed tight and run either the furnace or the air conditioner. The outdoor temperature swings from the high eighties […]

Choosing a heat pump instead of an air conditioner

When my husband and I purchased our home, the property was already equipped with a furnace and ductwork. In our local area, heating is definitely a priority. We need to turn up the thermostat and rely on heating from early October until the end of April. We experience temperatures down to negative twenty degrees, brutal […]

Furnace problems are the result of lack of maintenance

Last winter, I began having some concerns with the operation of my furnace. I first noticed that the house felt a bit chilly on especially cold days and nights. I turned up the thermostat by several degrees and still wasn’t satisfied with the level of comfort. Although the furnace seemed to be running just about […]

Heat pump is a helpful innovation

I think one of the most ingenious modern innovations is the electric heat pump. The main benefit of the system is that it proves both heating and cooling capability. Instead of requiring a separate air conditioner and heater, a single unit handles year round temperature control. This combination frees up space and simplifies maintenance requirements. […]

Bees in the ductwork

Last spring, when I tackled my annual house cleaning, I kept noticing a strange buzzing sound. I also found a couple of bees flying around inside. I didn’t think too much about it until the weather warmed up. When I lowered the thermostat and started up the air conditioner a swarm of bees poured out […]

Adding a ductless heat pump

My house is two stories, nearly 2,500 square feet and was built in the late eighteen hundreds. There have been a lot of renovations made over the years. We’ve torn down walls, added windows and significantly changed the configuration of the living space. The furnace and air conditioner are not only quite outdated, but the […]