Author: Trent

Four cooling stories being written out

My afternoon of work is coming to a close and I will soon be free to relax. I’m planning to do some yoga at my condo after I return from the grocery store in 90 minutes. After a quick leg workout this week, I plan to kick back and relax on the beach while watching […]

It’s time for some space heating

We had a minor argument an hour ago, about laundry of all things, with my roommate. It seems like every time I need to do laundry, she has a load going in the washer, so today I asked if she could deliver me my clothes in an afternoon or two when she wasn’t doing laundry, […]

Getting more aged with my cooling system

Funny, well, not really, but whenever I go out with my bandmate, all the chicks stare at him instead of me. The fact that he’s about 25 years younger than me tells me that my day as the most dashing man in the room has long since passed. I realize that it is only natural […]

Gas fireplaces for sale

The heating company rep I spoke with was confident that my business partner and I would achieve tremendous success It’s funny because I just ate an hour ago, but now I’m starting to make educated guesses about food again. Due to muscle fatigue from oversaturation over the weekend, I haven’t exercised much for the past […]

Getting the office cool

I’ll have to beat the crowds at the grocery store, so I’ll have to leave the house earlier than usual today. Since it’s least busy at that time, I’ll probably go take a break and then get back to work when it picks up again. If I hang around for too long, the lines at […]

Employed by the heating dealership this winter

I still have three hours to finish up my work here on the internet, as well as my yoga practice, before I have to go grocery shopping. The grocery bill is going to be pretty steep this week because I am completely out of everything. Unfortunately, my neighborhood is not yet equipped to accept food […]

I was keen to put the smart control device to the test

The winter season that finally just ended was incredible. I can’t feel it already although I started to notice that the tree now has tiny green leaves, and late December in the southern hemisphere means Spring is almost here. The first signs of Spring are daffodils, greenery, plus pollen. This always puts a smile on […]

Don’t want to be lazy in the air conditioner this time

In the past few years, since I began prioritizing my health plus wellness, I’ve learned a lot. When you’ve spent several decades working from home, with the air conditioner on full blast, physiological swings have a delayed effect. At first, I refused to even move from my chair. To counteract the heating as well as […]

The control device was absolutely beyond my control

Sporadically I hate how much I have a strenuous time with things in life. I’d rather not bring it up, however the fact that I’m struggling with the new control device is embarrassing me to no end. I purchased a smart control device after hearing nothing but absolute praise for them, although I have to […]