Bees in the HVAC duct

Last Springtime, when I tackled my annual home cleaning, I kept noticing a different buzzing sound.

I also found a couple of bees flying around inside.

I didn’t feel too much about it until the weather warmed up. When I lowered the control equipment as well as started up the air conditioning system a swarm of bees poured out of the supply vents. The bees were undoubtedly angry. I wasn’t quite sure what to do about it. I started by calling the Heating as well as Air Conditioning supplier who handles the seasonal service of my heating as well as cooling system. They had just diagnosed the air conditioning system about a month before but obviously didn’t catch the hive concealed inside the HVAC duct. I was told that I needed to hire a professional bee removal corporation. Certain types of bees are endangered as well as protected as well as can’t be exterminated. Hiring a bee supplier cost me quite a bit of money as well as I ended up with some detriment to the HVAC duct. I then called the Heating as well as Air Conditioning supplier back in order to get HVAC duct repairs as well as cleaning. The bees left behind quite a bit of debris that would definitely have restricted airflow as well as downsidely impacted air quality, and scheduling all of these several appointments not only disrupted my weekly life but also meant that my family was separate from air conditioning, but every afternoon, the outside temperature was a few degrees hotter, as well as the humidity kept climbing. We opened windows as well as ran box fans but struggled separate from cooling. I was not glad with how much those bees cost me, although I was undoubtedly relieved when the air conditioning system as well as HVAC duct were once again operational.

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