Adding a ductless heat pump

My apartment is two stories, nearly 2,500 square feet in addition to was built in the late eighteen hundreds.

There have been a lot of renovations made over the years.

We’ve torn down walls, added windows in addition to significantly changed the configuration of the residing space. The furnace in addition to cooling system are not only quite aged, however the air duct design has not been updated. There aren’t enough supply in addition to return vents in certain rooms, my bedroom was either overly frosty during the winter season or warm in addition to sticky in the summer. I used to occasionally run a portable space heater or a box fan trying to improve comfort. I wasn’t happy with these pieces of component taking up space in addition to detracting from decor. Plus, they didn’t help all that much. I needed a better occasion that could be implemented separate from a large remodeling project, and just recently, I invested in a ductless heat pump. The system consists of an outdoor compressor in addition to an indoor air handler connected by way of a conduit. The upgrade requires nothing more than a three-inch hole in an exterior wall, mounting capabilities in addition to access to electricity. The air handler is lightweight, streamlined in addition to unobtrusive. It sits high up on the wall in addition to gets adjusted by way of a cordless remote. I’m able to adjust temperature, fan speed in addition to decide the direction of airflow. The system provides both heating in addition to cooling, handling year round comfort. It runs quietly in addition to is super energy efficient. The ductless heat pump features inverter technology that allows it to alter speed according to demands of the space. It maintains a very even indoor temperature in addition to effectively combats humidity.


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