Radiant heated floors

When my husband and I built our house, there was no debate about how we’d manage heating.

With short summers and freezing cold winters that last approximately eight straight months, the heating system is the priority.

We weren’t concerned with central cooling. We liked the unique benefits of radiant heated floors. The system requires a boiler installed in the basement that heats water and sends it through a series of pipes concealed beneath the floor. The equipment takes up no space in the home and doesn’t detract from aesthetics. There are no vents and no need to arrange furniture to accommodate the system. The operation is entirely silent and requires only annual maintenance on the boiler. Because it involves a closed loop system, there’s no way for contaminants to get spread into the breathing air. Radiant heated floors are often recommended for people with allergies, asthma and respiratory difficulties. The heat from the pipes spreads evenly across the floor from corner to corner, eliminating cold spots and causing no drafts. The floors warm up all of the objects on the floor, further radiating heat. The heat rises very slowly and avoids stratification. The temperature at the ceiling is never more than three degrees from the thermostat setting. We’ve found that the heated floors are wonderfully energy efficient and keep monthly utility costs low. Plus, we have the added rewards of zone control. With a thermostat in each room, we’re able to tailor temperature to occupancy, preferences and the specific needs of the space.


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