Teaching with no ac

I realized last week that I have been teaching for fifteen years now.

I knew that it had been a long time but that was the first time I had counted in a really long time.

I have been at the same school for the entire fifteen years and I really do love all of the people that I get to work with everyday. I feel lucky because not many people get to say that. However, in the past month things at the school have really taken a turn for the worse. Our entire HVAC system stopped working in the school so all of the classrooms have been so hot. It is the middle of the summer and it is miserable. The school doesn’t have the money to replace the entire HVAC system all at once so they gave all the teacher a air conditioner window unit for their classrooms. However these air conditioner window units don’t do too much when the outside temperature is over one hundred degrees. I have been sweating through my clothes everyday and I have even spoke to the principal about getting the HVAC system fixed. Many parents have complained about the lack of a HVAC system in the middle of the summer months, but I just don’t think the money is there to replace the HVAC system. I hope that they can figure out something, because this is really getting out of hand and I don’t want the parents to keep getting upset with me about it.

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