Hurricane causes debris in outside Heating plus A/C component – no power

I live in an area of the country that gets really awful summer time storms, then a lot of the time these summer time storms turn out to be hurricanes plus cause really awful harm to my town… Yesterday the local weather channel reported that a category five hurricane was headed straight towards us. Everyone started to panic plus all the water plus gas in the was disappearing really fast! I couldn’t even get my hands on a loaf of bread because everything was going so fast, but the storm came plus went plus the devastation was just as awful or worse than the weather channel said it would be, and my associate and I were without power for over a week. I was hoping that when my associate and I got power back that our Heating plus A/C system would be laboring again, however, that was not the case; When I went out back to look at our Heating plus A/C component that sits in the backyard I knew my associate and I were in trouble. There was a ton of debris caught in the outdoor component plus it was really stuck in there. I knew that the Heating plus A/C component would have to be substituted. It looked like it was beyond repair. I called a local Heating plus A/C company that afternoon plus they told me that several other people were having the same problem. I was worried that this would make the repairs take even longer plus my associate and I would be without our Heating plus A/C component for another week or two. I hope that it doesn’t take that long to fix!


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