Radiant flooring

I have been babysitting for the same family since I was in highschool. They are extremely nice and extremely wealthy. They pay be ridiculous amounts of money to watch their two small children. The money is so good that I haven’t even started to look for a real job after graduation because I am making more that I would at an entry level job. I don’t want to make the change to a traditional job, but I know that one day I will have to quit babysitting for this family. However for now I am going to continue working for them and saving as much money as I possible can. This family is so wealthy that they are constantly remodeling their home. This week they are having radiant flooring installed in all five bathrooms of the home. I had never heard of radiant flooring, but I have learned that it is a way to heat up the floor by having pipes installed the run hot water underneath the floorboards. It is a good way to heat up the tile floor in a bathroom so you don’t have to have freezing cold floors when you get out of the shower. I am excited for the radiant floors to be installed so I can test them out. I want to know if the radiant floors would be worth the expensive price tag to have them installed. The HVAC company is coming over to their house next week to finish up the radiant flooring installation then they will be all good to go.

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