HVAC technology

I have never been one to be up on the latest technology.

I guess I just don’t care about having the most high tech appliances or equipment.

I have had the same phone for about five years and I don’t plan on getting a new one until this one stops working all together. I just like to stay with what I know and don’t see the point of having to waste money on new technology. Well last week I went on a trip for work where I think my mind has been changed. We were staying in a very nice hotel that was extremely expensive, lucky for me my work was covering the whole thing. I noticed the hotel had the most high tech appliances in all the rooms and had to get someone at the front desk to show me how to work everything. They showed me how I could change the firmness of the mattress, order room service without picking up the phone and how to change the temperature of the room with a smart thermostat. I had never heard of a smart thermostat before and I was very intrigued. The smart thermostat changes the temperature of the room based on the temperature of the outside air and then allows you to edit the temperature through an app on your smartphone. I don’t have a smartphone so I am just going to have to control the HVAC system the old fashioned way through the thermostat. I can’t believe how much technology is involved in HVAC systems these days.

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