Day off work plus university

The control component was completely black plus I didn’t know what to do

I have just graduated from a genuinely wonderful law university; While I was in university I was also working a full time task plus interning part time at a local law firm to receive experience, but i was looking forward to the afternoon after graduation for months now because I would have the afternoon off from work as well. I have not had a afternoon to myself in about three years. I know that sounds like I am exaggerating but I genuinely don’t recall a afternoon when I could just relax since starting university, however but, I had this whole afternoon planned out. I was going to wake up early plus go for a nice long walk on the beach, however then I was going to get my hair plus nails done plus end my evening celebrating with all my law university friends, however, upon waking up on my first afternoon off in three years I noticed my air conditioning wasn’t running. I hoped that maybe one of my roommates had just turned the air conditioning off my accident, but that was not the case. The control component was completely black plus I didn’t know what to do. I could have gone about my afternoon as planned plus let my roommates deal with the Heating plus A/C issue, but I decided to call the Heating plus A/C business myself. I thought I could at least get the ball rolling, however once I called the Heating plus A/C business I felt a lot better plus went for my walk, then after I got back the Heating plus A/C van was in the driveway plus hopefully he was fixing whatever is wrong!

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