The A/C box was smashed

I was disappointed when I got my brand new air conditioner in the mail and I found that the box was damaged.

The box was all smashed in on one side and I was worried that because this box was smashed into that meant that I was going to have a damaged cooling system.

Thankfully when I opened the box I saw that it was just the outside of the box that had been smashed in, the cooling system was perfectly intact and was in perfect condition. This was a window air conditioner that I bought. I took the window air conditioner out of this box and I put it away and then turned it on. It works perfectly great you would not even know that it came in and smashed the box. I am glad that the air conditioner is okay because it had given me a bit of a fright the first time I saw the box all smashed in like that. The air conditioner has been doing a fantastic job of keeping me super cool. It might not be a central air conditioner but it still is an excellent job of cooling the room that I needed to cool. I keep it upstairs in my second story family room because unfortunately heat rises, and it’s always much hotter upstairs than it is downstairs. Because my family room is upstairs I get really hot when I am sleeping so thanks to the air conditioner it has been taking care of that for me.
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