Tons of different heating and A/C machines

The last couple afternoons I have been searching online for an air conditioner that I have been keeping my eye on.

I must have searched through over a dozen odd AC systems before I found the one that I had originally seen on TV.

About a week ago I saw an advertisement for an air conditioner. I kept the air conditioner in mind because I truly liked it and I wanted to buy it! However I didn’t take note of what this AC system was called or what model of air condition system it was and so I had a legitimately tough time finding it. Of course, googling the cooling system didn’t help because there were tons of different air conditioners that came up. While I was searching for this one identifiable air conditioner I also looked at several other AC systems, partly because I was interested to see if those AC systems that look similar to the one I saw on TV was the right AC system, but also because I was looking at the other air conditioner to see if they might have been better than the one I saw on TV. Over the last several afternoons I had tons and tons of air conditioners in my search history. I successfully found the air conditioner that I wanted and I have already bought it. Now I just have a problem, I have tons of advertisements for air conditioners following me everywhere! I wish I could opt out of these ads and tell them to stop following me. I am not interested because I already got my AC system. But I feel I am just going to have to wait for them to go away or use an ad blocker.


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