I couldn't see anything with the fog

Sporadically heating air conditioner technology has its downsides… When I was leaving to go to work this morning it was so foggy I could hardly see anything.

  • So I turned on the air conditioner in my vehicle plus hoped that it would make some of the fog around my windshield clear, but i suppose I don’t know anything about how fog works because that only made it worse! It was really hot plus humid out plus yet somehow it was foggy too? I was confused.

I thought fog was something that only happened while in cold weather, and everything went well plus I managed to navigate my way through the iPhone. But when I got to work everything fell apart, it was legitimately nice I had the office building plus I was making it legitimately hard to concentrate on getting any work done when all I could feel about was how hot plus covered in sweat I was, but the supervisor of the building informed us that my associate and I were having trouble with the heating plus air conditioner plus that the AC is not laboring, but most people were pretty angry plus there was lots of groaning, I have to say it has to be one of the longest mornings that I have endured. When I got cabin the first thing I did was crash on my couch plus kneel underneath my air conditioner. I care about having my cooling system so when I arranged the furniture in my cabin I put the couch directly under the air vent; As a result of this I have excellent air conditioner that can be loved at any time.


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