High-velocity heating and cooling makes a giant improvement

Old and current air mixes hastily to hastily raise or lower room temperature

I have an older dwelling that presents a challenge for heating and cooling, the residence lacks conventional HVAC duct, making centralized heating and air conditioner just about impossible. The walls and ceilings are the original plaster and lathe; My associate and I were unwilling to tackle the immense project of tearing them down, but not only would this have created a immense mess and cost us a fortune, but it would have destroyed the historical integrity of the residence. Trying to get by with an assortment of baseboard heaters, window cooling systems and electric fans was discouraging, our condo felt hot in the Summer and chilly in the winter. The combination of portable heating and cooling equipment looked ugly, i started looking for an alternative and came across high-velocity heating and cooling… Designed to retrofit into older homes exactly like ours, the genius of the system is the mini-ducts! A network of flexible pipes only two-inches in diameter are able to be threaded through the walls around plumbing pipes, studs and electrical outlets. The replacement doesn’t cause disfigurement or require major remodeling. The mini-ducts connect to circular-shaped vents that are only six-inches in diameter and offer versatility of location. The heating/cooling equipment is so compact that it can be installed into a closet or the attic. The operation uses a process of aspiration, delivering conditioned air into the rooms of the dwelling at such a high rate of speed that it creates a slight suction. Old and current air mixes hastily to hastily raise or lower room temperature. Insulated ducts, shorter run times and smaller ducts adds up to exceptional energy efficiency. Our dwelling is so much more comfortable because of the high-velocity heating and cooling system.

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