Renovations at the Fairgrounds

The fairgrounds lot has been there forever, and it has consistently been nothing certainly special.

There are some buildings on it, but they are simply CBS block buildings and they have no certain beauty or loveliness to them.

The other afternoon, though, I was driving down the street where the fairgrounds are. I had reason to go that way and I discovered that they are doing renovations at the fairgrounds. The easy CBS block buildings are now painted to be quite pretty. And painted down in the corner there is a logo for the supplier that is sponsoring the fairgrounds renovation.It turns out that the renovation is being sponsored by a local Heating & Air Conditioning supplier, however not only are they cleaning up the grounds and painting the buildings, they are installing modern Heating & Air Conditioning technology into each of those Fairgrounds buildings; Many people want to use the fairgrounds for more than just the fair, but one thing that consistently holds people back is that the buildings do not have Heating and Cooling, and during the fair, they simply use large box fans and industrial fans in those buildings, and even the buildings that are used for snack companies to sell sizzling cats and stuff do not have cooling system. Well, that is all about to change because of our local Heating & Air Conditioning supplier. They will be installing Heating & Air Conditioning with Zone control throughout the entire Fairgrounds. That way, they can set the control unit to uncommon hot and cold temperatures in uncommon buildings, and in fact, they can keep the heating and cooling system completely off if nobody is using a certain building. I feel it’s a fabulous idea!Next time I walk around to visit all the booths that come to the fair, I can do so in air-conditioned comfort.
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