Sweaters A’Plenty at the Doctor’s Office

Is your medical professional’s office similar to mine? I have observed that every single person at the medical professional’s office wears a sweater.

I find it honestly different that the medical professional insists on having his AC thermostat set so low that everyone is cold.

I asked him about it the last time I was there, because I thought he could perhaps help the environment by running his AC system a little more efficiently. He could turn the thermostat up a few degrees, his patients plus employees would be more comfortable, plus he would be saving money plus helping the planet. He kind of chuckled at me plus asked me if I remembered basic biology from school. Well, the fact of the matter is, I rarely paid attention in science classes in school. That’s when he told me that bacteria plus viruses, for the most part, thrive on sizzling humid places. In other words, the more he uses his a/c, the less likely it is for me to get sick from the child across the way who is coughing plus hacking into the air. That is when I decided that his employees will just have to be uncomfortable plus wear sweaters. I absolutely do like the idea of a heating plus cooling system keeping the place less germy. In fact, I appreciate that idea! I often carry a sweater in my car so that I can accommodate for extra a/c no matter where I’m going, then oh, plus I will just have to remember that the AC thermostat is likely to be set pretty low at my medical professional’s office so I should go ahead plus bring a sweater. I do not want to wear long sleeves or heavy clothes when I go there, though, because let us face it that guy makes me get on the scale! He did tell me that when he goes apartment at night he does adjust the AC thermostat to a higher setting so it will run less.


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