She didn’t get her coffee and weather report

When Patricia drove to her job that morning, it was 55 degrees outside.

She didn’t think it would get colder at all, but she was wrong.

Usually, Patricia would take a few minutes to drink a cup of coffee and watch the morning weather report before going to work. But, this morning she was running late, and she didn’t get her coffee or weather report. It was 4 AM when Patricia pulled into the bakery, and she should have been there at 3 AM. The ovens were on, and it was moderate and cozy inside. No one said anything about her being late. She was the owner, and no one would dare say anything, unless they were teasing. By 5 AM, Patricia and her staff had all the shelves full and people were coming in for their morning hot beverages and pastries. Someone said it felt like it was snowing outside, but Patricia didn’t take notice. The ovens were better than any electric furnace could hope to be. The only reason Patricia had an electric furnace was because of the clients and to keep the bakery from freezing up when she wasn’t inside. Patricia had all the inspections done regularly and the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C professional came in and changed the air filters regularly. She had an air ventilation method that needed its air filters changed every several weeks. By 5 PM, Patricia was out of baked goods and ready to go home. That’s when she noticed how fantastic the heating method was inside. It was cold and snowing several inches a minute. Patricia couldn’t wait to get home, turn up the control unit, and get warm again, before going back to bed at 9PM.

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