My son wants to become an Heating and Air Conditioning tech

Some youngsters have sizable dreams like being a firefighter, a racecar driver, or something that is out of this world, like an astronaut, then but not my son, he at the age of 6 wants to become an Heating and Air Conditioning tech.

He watches Grandfather fix things all the time and my son is memorized by him.

I don’t see anything excited about working for a heating and cooling supplier however I’m sure my son doesn’t guess about those things. I guess he likes seeing people smile as my Grandfather makes their life a little better by making sure their lives are in comfort. So whenever Grandfather is around, my son tends to gravitate to him and ask for recent stories about him helping a fellow acquaintance or his job and what kind of heating repair or cooling repair he had to do recently. It’s just genuinely odd that he is taking an interest in this field. At the same time, he is looking ahead to his future and knows where he wants to be in life when he grows up which is far better than where I was. His age 6 is more advanced than I was when I graduated private school. Still, he is 6 years aged and has plenty of time to change his mind and want to do something else when he grows up. This could be a stage however if he chooses the Heating and Air Conditioning business, then I’m all for it… Plus, then if I have problems, then he can help fix my heating and cooling system. I will definitely take fortune of that!


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