Having an Heating and Air Conditioning specialist as my neighbor

I found the best home approximately 5 years ago, however it was on the lake so I had fantastic views at night and also got to see the sunset over the water, then the lake is that large, kind of if you looked out into an ocean and saw nothing however water! My backyard is pretty sizable and the youngsters have plenty of space to do whatever activity they want to do. My wife has her garden back there as well which is fenced off. I feel that I made out pretty well with life so this could be the last home I will ever buy and this is where my wife and I will retire. It’s fantastic and the neighbors are amazing as well. My nice friend and I have two, both fantastic guys and both have attractive houses and fantastic careers, but one is a dentist and the other is an Heating and Air Conditioning tech. This isn’t any moderate heating and cooling expert though, but he owns his own supplier however enjoys the job of getting out in the field and helping people with their Heating and Air Conditioning systems. He is a pretty fantastic guy who has helped my family a few times as well. The dentist as well and I own my own construction supplier so my friend and I all help each other when my friend and I have questions and such, then during the warmer weather, my friend and I will hang out in the evening, enjoying the sunset and just relaxing. I have fantastic neighbors and I got lucky, seriously lucky in life to have this in my life. I know I can count on them if I need anything and they definitely can count on me as well.

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