Starting a honey farm is better than I thought

My child decided to transport from the big city that he lived in to the countryside, however he was aggravated with the hum and buzz of the big city, and he had noticed how unkind people have become, additionally, he preferred not to have his youngsters in an environment love that.

So, suppose it or not, he quit his corporate job and now he lives on a farm, where he grows his own fruits and veggies.

She homeschools the youngsters, so he doesn’t have to worry about them being in an unhealthy situation, and between homeschooling and farming he lives a easily full life and from what I gather, she’s easily excited with everything. A few weeks ago, both of us were chatting on the iPhone, and he was happy about his new project. She was in the middle of setting up a honey farm on his property… The crazy part about this is he was always afraid of bees, so this honey farm came as a surprise to me, however of course, I was curious about the process because he had no experience with honey bees. Apparently, the process of setting up a honey farm is quite easy, and beekeeping could generate over $1,000 per week. And all you need to beginning is a nice location for the hives, and once the hive is built, then locale the honey bees inside and provide them with plenty of water and nectar, so that the colony can thrive. Of course, he will need to check the colony to make sure that the bees are healthy, and in about 4 to 6 weeks, he could be harvesting his own honey, however it’s amazing to see that our child is stepping outside of his comfort zone and will become a beekeeper soon.

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