We ordered for new air filters online

My partner and I met in high school and started dating.

  • We broke up after graduation since I was going to college abroad.

It would be unfair to ask him to wait for me when I wasn’t sure if I’d be back soon. Eventually, after 7 years abroad, I came back home during the pandemic period. I felt too isolated from my family and also wanted a change of pace. One day, I went to the grocery store to do some shopping and bumped into my ex. Our reunion was great and we spoke everyday on the phone since there were no open places to meet socially. Our first date was virtual and 6 months later we were engaged. Last year, we had our wedding in July and my dad gifted us our first house. Yes, I am a daddy’s girl and I knew there was a big gift coming, but I never thought it would be a whole house. We love this space since it’s in a lovely area and came with a complete HVAC system. Dad explained he had hired an HVAC professional company to come set up a new HVAC system in the house when he bought it for us. His goal was to have our transition into marriage and parenting be as smooth as possible. Having a working HVAC system has been great, especially with the unpredictable weather we keep having. Our only job has been proper HVAC maintenance which includes changing the air filters. We ordered a whole box of air filters online and keep changing them every two months.


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