Joel opted to get a ductless mini-split for his apartment

Joel works as a bartender in the city.

He moved here a year ago after spending some time backpacking around the world.

While his classmates were off to college after high school, Joel chose a different path. School hasn’t always been his thing so his parents encouraged him to follow his dreams. Joel has a good social media following from his travels and he hopes to turn this into a lifestyle channel. To do so, he had to hand up his backpack and set roots for some time. He found work at a high end bar in the city and rented a small apartment. It’s not the fanciest place but it’s near his place of work and within his budget. The only issue with the apartment is it gets so hot during summer. Joel has tried speaking with the building manager about the unreliable AC in his apartment. The lady kept telling him they were waiting for an HVAC expert to come and service the system. Joel spoke with his neighbor who had lived there for 2 years and realized the AC would never get fixed. Since he didn’t want to move, Joel opted to get a ductless mini-split for his apartment. This system would help keep his small apartment cool and he wouldn’t have to deal with the cranky building manager anymore. Joel did manage to order and install the mini-split AC without any hustle. So far, he loves it and summers are no longer brutally hot in his small space. He hopes to move some day, but for now, he has to keep working on his vision.

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