Glenn always has the AC running in the bakery

When other kids were playing outside during those long summer holidays, Glenn chose to remain indoors.


His mom would drive him to his grandparents house where he’d stay for 3 months with his younger sister. All this time Glenn was in the kitchen helping his grandmother. He loved to cook, more so to bake, while his sister was more mechanical and outside in the garage with their grandpa. Glenn accredits all his love for baking and the amazing recipes to his late grandma. He even has some special tasty treats named after her in his bake shop. Glenn lives in a big town and runs a successful bakery that is always full with customers picking up orders and placing them. In summer, traffic is higher since there are many tourists in the area. This is one reason why Glenn opted to invest in one of the best modern AC units for his shop. Between the heat from the ovens and the crows, things can get quite stuffy and hot in this small space. Glenn had to do thorough research and consult with 3 HVAC companies before he settled on a reliable commercial AC. His goal was to find a powerful AC unit to keep the space cool, but also one that was eco-friendly. Glenn is a big advocate for conserving the environment and always donates to organizations that support eco-friendly practices. Eventually, Glenn managed to get a commercial AC with an SEER rating of 18. It wasn’t cheap, but Glenn sees it as an investment for his business and also a good way to reduce energy consumption.

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