I never thought a thermostat would make such a difference

It’s important to live somewhere that you feel alive and fulfilled.

  • Many people tend to love the city life and being where the skyscrapers light up at night.

But, for a long time, my desire was to be where there were no skyscrapers. This meant moving to a remote location where I could lay on the ground on a lovely summer night and see the stars. Luckily, I met and married a person who also had the same desires which was a huge plus. Eventually, we managed to save up and bought a small farm in another state. The goal has been to turn this into a self-sufficient place. Also, we aim to grow food that we can sell at the farmers markets as a source of income. Our house required lots of work since the wiring was bad, the plumbing almost non-existent and the heating and cooling a complete nightmare. Fortunately, there was another couple in the area who had made the move 5 years before and helped us so much. We got contacts from an excellent heating and cooling company that came by to install the HVAC system. We opted to go with a furnace and air conditioner. When one was running, the other could take a rest until the seasons changed. The first summer we spent on the farm was great since we got to sell the first produce from our farm. However, we were having a challenge with the cooling in our home. It seemed the air conditioner wasn’t blowing enough cool air to keep us comfortable. The HVAC company sent an HVAC expert to check and realized we needed a different thermostat. Once he made the switch, the difference was almost immediate which was great.

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