Are you sure it’s the HVAC technician?

My son called me at work and told me the HVAC technician was on the porch.

I had told him not to let anyone in the house unless it was a family member.

He wouldn’t even let my best friend in, because I said no one but a family member, and it had to be someone who lived in the house. I asked if he was sure it was the HVAC technician? He said he was sure, but I told him no one could come in the house. I was proud of him, but I had to have the air conditioner inspected. I didn’t think the HVAC technician would be there before I got home, but just because he was early wasn’t a reason to send him away. I told my son to open the door, but make sure the screen door was locked first. He should then tell the HVAC tech to go around back where the air conditioning unit was. He could put the bill inside the screen door. An hour later, he called and said the HVAC technician needed to talk to me. He handed the phone out the window and dropped it into the HVAC technician’s hand. The HVAC technician said he had run into a few problems, and he had to get my okay to go ahead with the repairs. He gave him my consent, and asked him to give the phone back to my son. He said he couldn’t reach him, and put the phone on speaker. I told my son to open the door and take the phone. The HVAC technician was still working when I got home from work an hour later.
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