I was sure the HVAC tech was a football player.

One of my favorite pastimes is watching Sunday football. I curl up on the couch with my husband and watch football with him. Being an ex cheerleader in high school, college, and professional football for a year, I knew a lot about sports. I met my husband when he was playing with the same team I was cheering for. I quit cheering when I got pregnant right after we got married. He didn’t play ball for long, but it didn’t stop us from watching football. One afternoon, my air conditioner quit working. I called the local HVAC company and asked if they could send an HVAC technician over as soon as possible. My husband was bringing over a couple of football buddies for a BBQ. When the HVAC technician arrived, I kept staring at him. I knew I knew him from somewhere. I was going to ask him if we had met, but I wanted the air conditioning fixed more than I wanted to know who he was. My husband came into the kitchen and noticed the HVAC technician was there. He looked outside, and I asked if he didn’t think he was a football player. I didn’t even get the thought voiced when my husband was outside shaking the guy’s hand. They had played college football together. They talked about football, and when the air conditioning unit was repaired, he stuck around for the BBQ and a day of reminiscing. An hour later, the HVAC tech’s wife showed up with street clothing, and stayed to spend the day with the rest of us wives.
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