I didn’t break the air conditioner.

I called my husband at the golf course to tell him the air conditioning unit broke.

He immediately asked what I did to it? I told him I didn’t break the air conditioner.

I just wanted to get it fixed. After reminding me he was on the golf course and the golf course was twenty-five miles away from home, I told him to forget it. I was going to call the HVAC company and get an HVAC technician to the house. I hung up the phone not caring if he was talking. When I called the HVAC company, all I got was an answering machine. I was to leave a message if this was an emergency. If it wasn’t an emergency, press 2 and leave a message. Someone would be in touch with me first thing in the morning. I left a message on number 1 and number 2. I heard my husband’s beeper going off about five minutes later. I picked it up and then ignored it. My husband left his work phone home, so he apparently didn’t want to be bothered by work. If he was the owner of the HVAC company and he didn’t want to come home and repair the air conditioner, I was going to put out an alert. I picked up his phone and sent a message to every HVAC. My husband was upset when he called and told me that everyone in his golf party was getting my message. He would send someone to the house as soon as the golf game was over. It was their annual HVAC company golf tournament, and I forgot.

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