My favorite restaurant had no HVAC.

Every year, my husband takes me to my favorite restaurant for my birthday.

It is a very expensive restaurant, and we can’t afford to go there more than once a year.

I was excited to get dressed up and go to the restaurant. I was really disappointed when we got there and they were turning people away. I told them we had a reservation, but the concierge told us the restaurant was closed. He gave us a gift card that was more than enough to pay for a meal, but I wanted to be there that night, and not another. I told him it was my birthday. He apologized again, and he said the HVAC system had broken. They had no air conditioning or ventilation system. Not only couldn’t they allow their customers to dine under those conditions, but it was against the laws. They could use their license and the restaurant. I felt bad that they didn’t have HVAC, but I understood. We ended up going back home, and my husband told me we would use our gift card in the very near future. I was upset, because I thought he would offer to work on the HVAC system. Unfortunately, it was a large building, and he couldn’t work on it without help. The air conditioning unit was three stories up, on the roof. He didn’t have tools, and I didn’t want him to ruin his suit. It would have been a great birthday present, but I was sure the HVAC system broke before they could start cooking. I wondered if they got any prep done before the HVAC system went down.

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