The HVAC technician walked to the house.

I was surprised to see the HVAC technician walking up the sidewalk.

He had his tool bag in hand, and looked like he was enjoying a late spring constitution.

I had never seen an HVAC tech who wasn’t in his service van. What if he needed parts? He didn’t have enough room in his tool bag for air conditioning parts. My mind was racing now. Maybe he lost his license from a DUI. Maybe he didn’t have a driver’s license. How would he get back to the HVAC company if he didn’t have what he needed? I kept trying to figure out the situation. When he finally got to the house, he showed me his ID and told me he was there to check the air conditioning unit. I looked down the street, but I still couldn’t see the HVAC service van. I couldn’t contain my curiosity. I had to ask where his service van was. He told me another HVAC tech had taken the service van back to the office, so it could be serviced. He had several air conditioner services to do on this street. While he was going between the homes, the service van was being repaired. He would be back before he completed my AC unit. In the meantime, he was going to bring back any parts he may need for the AC units he had already serviced. My fears were founded, and it was only a case of multi-tasking for him and the HVAC company. Half an hour later, the HVAC service van was pulling into my driveway, and my technician was finishing up with my AC unit.



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