He showed me how to clean the air conditioner.

When the HVAC technician was there last week, I was watching him work. He was doing some minor repairs, and I was curious. I asked him what he had to do when he cleaned the air conditioning unit. He told me to come over and he went through the cleaning process so I would know how to do it. He also told me about the HVAC website. There was a section on it, where I could see how to do minor repairs, clean an HVAC system, change the air filters, and do a simple diagnosis. I told him I was thinking about being an HVAC technician when I graduated next year. He thought using the FAQs and looking at the homeowner’s do-it-yourself section, I could get an idea about whether I wanted to do this as a career. I thank him for the information. Before he left, he gave me his business card and told me it had the website address on the back of the card, and he also had his personal phone number written there. He told me if I ever needed someone to talk to while struggling with his HVAC career, I could give him a call. He also offered to give me a reference when I applied for HVAC classes. I ran inside and told dad about the HVAC technician. I think he was proud of me for taking control of my future, but he only asked if the tech would be inside soon. He wanted to pay him before he left. When the tech left, I found out he wasn’t just an HVAC technician, but the owner of the HVAC company.

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