Heating and Air Conditioning technology rules the roost

So normally, I have a fantastic deal of difficulty when it comes to giving up control.

Yet, this new Heating and Air Conditioning technology in our house is making it so straight-forward for me to relinquish my control device monitor badge.

That’s the way the rest of the family sees me. I’m the air conditioning system police. For sure, I do make sure that we aren’t paying staggering amounts of cash for over cooling our home. That’s just never a fantastic thing and sure wasn’t going to happen in my house. So I’m sort of accustomed to the moans and groans when I reset the control device to be in line with the parameters we adhere to. I even learned how to program the digital control device that was here prior to the smart control unit. In my defense, we consistently saved large time when it comes to a Summer of air conditioning system. But with the recent heating and cooling upgrade, I’m finding that the Heating and Air Conditioning technology can take my place quite nicely. What’s even more surprising is just how fantastic I am with that. When we had the heating and cooling unit updated, we went with the latest in residential Heating and Air Conditioning. So we now have zone controlled Heating and Air Conditioning in the house. That’s pretty awesome so I can further customize the control device settings to save if I want to. But it’s also nice to have the family be able to dial in comfort for themselves separate from taking the whole house down 5 degrees. The smart control device covers me as well by keeping the house much warmer while in the peak heating hours of the day. All in all, I’m okay with the Heating and Air Conditioning technology taking over that part of my house duties.


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