Ready for perfect air conditioning at the beach

It’s not enough that I’m going to the beach for a two week vacation but, I’m going back to this awesome vacation rental as well.

My wife found this place a few years back and we’ve been going back ever since.

Lots of folks take their family vacation at the end of Summer. Not us, we like to get out of the central air conditioning of our home and head for the beach when the kids get out of school. It just makes more sense for us as the kids are generally busy all through the Summer with other activities. And I like the fact that the weather is generally a bit better in early June than it is in mid August. I love the beach and I love the sun, salt and sand. But I’m not a huge fan of the heat no matter where I am. That’s another reason that I’m so fond of this particular vacation rental. It has just the best residential HVAC that I’ve ever experienced. And that’s saying something. We have great residential HVAC and are very pleased with our quality heating and air. Yet, the HVAC in this vacation rental easily tops ours. For me, I think it’s the HVAC technology. Not only is there a smart thermostat doing its thing when it comes to cooling the house, there’s more. Perhaps the zone controlled HVAC is what really puts the whole residential HVAC experience over the top for me. I love the fact that my wife and I can crank down the thermostat in our bedroom without hearing about how cold the kids are. Indeed, I even crank that cooling down to the point where my wife and I ar both cuddled up under the covers. Yea, I can’t wait for the vacation that’s now just days away.

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