A prescription for residential Heating plus A/C equipment change for the better

That struck me as sort of absurd as my buddy and I keep a house that is clean

When I typically come down with a cold, I’m normally down for a few days and then back at it. Of course, having survived the pandemic, every sniffle is now something to pay attention to. I’m actually hoping that will change soon because I’m getting sick of worrying that I’m completely sick. Like several others, I too stayed hunkered down inside the central a/c of my place during the scary pandemic. And I stayed inside the central a/c for the better part of a year and a half. So I was basically committed to keeping covid out of our place for the time. Yet each time I get a little cold or something similar to that, I get clenched a bit still. So when this last cold wouldn’t go away, I got to wondering. Several home covid tests kept showing me negative for that, however I felt so rundown all the time. In time, I headed off to the super a/c of the doctor’s office. I know that more cooling totally limits the spread of bacteria, viruses, and germs. But dang, the a/c equipment seems to be set on the igloo setting for that office. I was cheerful to get the confirmation that it was indeed a virus that didn’t happen to be covid. But the doctor didn’t advise or prescribe meds. I was pretty much done with the worst of it and she thought my complications with my respiratory system were due to indoor air quality. That struck me as sort of absurd as my buddy and I keep a house that is clean. But she explained that by replacing the air filter with a HEPA filter and getting HVAC duct cleaning accomplished, I’d get better. I wasn’t sure however I did it anyway and all of my symptoms ended up going away.

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