Suzy’s high-tech Heating & A/C upgrades

She could typically arrive at her condo to the ideal setting in this way.

Suzy, my sister, has never been one to commit. She was frequently fashionable in the group and enjoys trendy items. Suzy enjoys the newest technology, so it goes beyond just appearances and fashion. She thinks that modern technology provides greater convenience. When she called me about her recent Heating & A/C upgrades about a month ago, it wasn’t slurping. In fact, aside from in the office, I pick up a lot from the swings she takes around her condo. She now had a modern filtration system after getting it the first time. The goal was to prevent any pollution from entering her living space. This made sense to me because she had a sensitive child who frequently experienced reactions to even the smallest allergen. She had upgraded to the newest programmable thermostat about three months prior. She insisted that doing this was the best thing she had ever done because it improved the quality of her life. Even while on a business trip, she had control over the condo’s temperature. She could typically arrive at her condo to the ideal setting in this way. The biggest benefit of doing this was the money she was able to save because there was no waste because the house temperatures were kept in check.She had just started using HEPA filters after her heating and air conditioning supplier suggested them. Even the smallest particles that would otherwise degrade the air quality in her space can be captured by these filters. Although I am aware of Suzy’s penchant for excess, I thought these upgrades were acceptable and would use them in my own space. Just to make sure they were appropriate for my situation, I needed to confirm with my HVAC technician.

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