Dealing with thigh cramps

Over the last year, I’ve started to have issues with leg cramps. While I might notice a bit of tenderness in my calves during the day, the problems worsen at night. When I go to bed, the muscles tend to seize up as well as cramp, but the pain is excruciating, then i am then forced to get out of bed as well as stretch. I’ve tried over-the-counter pain medicine as well as pain-alleviating ointments. I sometimes need to sleep with heating pads wrapped around my legs. The leg cramps are most likely caused by overworking the muscles. I workout for approximately an hour every day! My exercise sessions are strenuous… Because I’m hoping to burn as various calories as possible, I include a good deal of high-intensity aerobics. I sometimes go for an eight-mile jog or run wind sprints. I like to cycle as well as jump rope. I do jumping jacks, squats, lunges, mountain climbers as well as burpees. The majority of the exercises utilize the various leg muscles. I now make sure to spend more time on my sizzling up as well as cool down. I have become more focused on correct stretching. I take at least one day a week where I allow the leg muscles to rest, and for those exercise sessions, I might lift free weights, use the battle ropes, toss a medicine ball or work with resistance bands. I concentrate on all different types of abdominal crunches as well as do push-ups as well as plank holds. I’ve learn that a lack of correct hydration can also contribute to leg cramps. I bought myself a much bigger water bottle as well as now make a point to drink a lot more water before, during as well as after the workout.

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