Mom bought an affordable tiny home.

My mom was looking for an affordable tiny home for her and dad.

She told me they wanted to visit all the children, but they didn’t want to put them out.

Instead of them just moving in with the kids for a short period, they wanted to buy an affordable tiny home and move it from town to town. Dad said it would be nice to visit family and see the country. For almost two years, they searched for a mobile, but affordable tiny home. Finally, dad had a mobile tiny home built for them. They wanted a mobile tiny home they could attach behind their truck and still have someway to do some traveling. I thought it was an excellent idea. They could set up the mobile tiny home in the backyard and be close to the kids without being in their home. They had their personal camper when traveling across the country, and they never had to leave their home. I loved the mobile tiny home. There was a small front porch where they put their rocking chairs when settled in for a while. They had a full bathroom, kitchen, and a bedroom large enough for a queen sized bed. Everything they needed to be comfortable was in that mobile tiny home. I told my husband that if we ever got to where we could afford to purchase a mobile tiny home; I thought it would be the perfect way to live out our retirement years. He agreed with me, but he said he didn’t want to spend our retirement visiting our kids. He wanted to just travel and relax.



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