I needed a portable restroom, but got portable shower containers.

Every year, I host small gatherings in my backyard. We have a large pavilion that seats fifty people and a smoker grill that is large enough to cook a large pig. We put fifty chickens on it one year, and there was still room for a large box of hot dogs. We always rented a couple of portable restrooms so people had some place to go to the bathroom, without them coming in our house. This past summer, we hosted six different parties, and everyone had a great time. At the end of the season, the portable restroom company came out and removed their portable restrooms. We put in our new order for the following year, when he took them back. We were talking to the gentleman, and he told us he didn’t have six portable rest rooms for rent this summer. He already had most of them rented out, but he had portable shower containers. They would be great if we were hosting an overnight event. He told me the portable shower containers also had bathrooms in them. Since we didn’t have water for the shower area, it would be no problem to block them off. I didn’t think I had room for portable shower containers and told him thank you, but no thank you. He told us about another local company that also had portable rest rooms. He didn’t know if they had six of them, but he had four and if we could get two from them for the entire summer, we would still have six portable restrooms.
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