We talked to portable event facility solutions for the wedding.

My husband and I wanted to get married in six months, before he got shipped overseas.

None of the local venues were available, and we didn’t know what to do.

I was going with him, but we wanted our families at the wedding. We had read about portable event facility solutions and wondered if they could help us with the wedding. I knew my best friend had used portable event facility solutions to find the perfect location for their wedding. They wanted to get married at the local horse farm where they met. The portable event facility solutions manager created the most stunning venue in the horse barn where they met. I hoped they could help my husband and I find the perfect venue for us and make our wedding one to remember for everyone. We didn’t know when we would be back in the states. She asked where we met and what we wanted for our wedding. We had met at a McDonald’s, but that didn’t mean we wanted to get married at a McDonald’s. She found a local McDonald’s that had an open field behind it. She set up a large tent for the ceremony and had carpeting laid on the field for the guests. It was possibly one of the most beautiful weddings either of us could have imagined. I was so glad we had gone to a portable event facility solution for our wedding. We couldn’t have picked out a better venue if we had tried. If only we could take those we loved with us when we moved, it would have been perfect.

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