I wasn’t pleased to find out that there was a clog

There was a problem in the spare bathroom and I thought that one of the kids put too much toilet paper or paper towels in the toilet. The toilet was backed up and I tried to use the plunger multiple times. I tried lots of different ways to get the toilet to unclog and drain, but nothing seemed to work at all. I decided to contact a service in the city that specializes in pipe and drain cleaning. The plumbing supplier had appointments all afternoon. It was easily to make an appointment with the plumbing supplier, because they had a phone number and a contact form online. There was even a place on the website where I could talk directly with a member of the team. The team of experienced plumbing suppliers came to my home to give me an estimate. I did not like hearing there was a clog, but the supplier did not seem to think it was a big deal, but he found the section that was blocked and it was about 20 ft from the toilet. There was entirely no way that I was getting to that club with a plunger. The plumbing supplier specialist used an auger to clear the drain. He made sure to get all of the items that were in the drain and the line was running clear when he was finished. I have a two-year warranty with the plumbing repair and a guarantee that the line will not clog again. If I have any problems in the next two years, the supplier will come out and unplug the drain free of charge.



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