Some of the drainage field was under water

My partner and I bought an older home a couple of years ago and there have been a number of problems since we bought the place, one of the first problems was with the roof, however when we had the home inspection completed, we were told that the roof was in good shape, there were a few repairs here and there, but we did not expect to spend tens of thousands of dollars on a brand new roof because the entire thing needed to be replaced.

  • Even the underlayment was filled with mold! Another problem that recently occurred happened after a huge storm.

Our drainage field for the septic system was completely flooded. The paper and septic matter was not absorbing into the ground. As the water table rises, the septic system becomes a problem. There was bad luck and we had to contact a local plumbing supplier, but we needed a plumbing supplier that was going to be available in an emergency, but it was crucial to find a supplier that could come help us instantly instead of waiting until Monday. There were plenty of plumbing suppliers out there, but my partner and I chose a skilled and knowledgeable supplier with fantastic reviews online. The plumbing supplier offered free estimates and after hours calls. They had the septic and during this problem fixed in no time at all. The supplier offered us a few ideas to keep the problem from happening again in the future and they made sure that our drainage system was improved and ready for the next storm.


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