Working for a commercial roofing company

I’d prefer to go to the town and visit my son, and it’s been a while since I last saw him.

My buddy and I talk all the time, but I do miss him being at the apartment like it was before.

Before you judge me, I’m not one of those helicopter parents, I just miss my child, especially now that he is busy with his new task. I am so proud of him and the strides he has been making in his career. My kid had a choice between HVAC and roofing when he finished private school. He had no interest in university, so we spoke more about trade schools. After checking out weird trades, we settled on HVAC or roofing. Then, he did further research and opted to learn to become a roofing expert. Well, that decision has paid off because he now works for a commercial roofing corporation in the city. He had to relocate from our rural section to find work and he got hired by a roofing business. They started him off on a training program and he progressed to laboring on commercial roofing projects in four years. The roofing corporation he works for strives to do roof upgrades in commercial buildings in the city. They have a sizable crew and only hire trained and certified roofing suppliers. It’s not like the seasoned afternoons where you could learn roofing on the job. Now, you go to school and then join a licensed roofing corporation for work. Commercial roofing projects can take a long time depending on the size of the building, and now there are so many odd types according to my son.

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