We could think about doing free HVAC services

We don’t know why folks don’t get how much it takes to set up a new business.

There are classes to take that educate you about taxes, how to approach a bank, finding the right business name and registering it.

There’s also registering your business with the IRS, and department of labor. We needed to go to the bank and find out what paperwork we needed to start our business and get a business loan. We also had to write up a five to ten year business plan, along with the right location and making a list of employees and equipment needed. The last thing we wanted to be thinking about was building an Heating and A/C website for a business that didn’t yet exist. Folks who did the classes insisted a website was pressing so people were aware there was a new Heating and A/C business business. You could put an estimated date of opening on the website, and start setting up appointments with clients, and depending on what season you were in. We could think about doing free Heating and A/C services. We didn’t have time to worry about a Heating and A/C website. We’ve been in the Heating and A/C business venture for some time, and we started working on what was needed for the bank. About seven weeks into the process, we had all the paperwork in hand and had to make an appointment at the bank. We had the business plan ready. We talked to an online web development business, and they already had an Heating and A/C website ready for when the loan went through, and we had an estimated time for opening.


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