Making a mess after I tried to wash a non washable air filter

According to the article I was reading, I needed to buy a whole-home air purification gadget, and all the problems with indoor air quality would be solved.

The article was long, so I skimmed through the information I thought I needed and even called the number the home service company had provided.

I ordered an air purification system, waited for the HVAC technician to deliver it, and showed me how it worked. When the HVAC professional came, he showed me how to use it. Pierre was the name on his work tag. As he was setting it up, Pierre asked what had inspired the purchase, and I told him about the article I had read on their company website. He was happy that I had taken the time to read it since he had personally authored it. Pierre told me that people rarely take care of their HVAC equipment and then complain when air quality deteriorates. When he said that, I realized there was much I had skipped while reading the article, and since it was too late to admit it, I asked Pierre to conduct full HVAC maintenance. He discovered that my air filter was damaged and asked me what had transpired. I told him the only thing I had done was to clean it twice and nothing more. He was shocked, and he said to me that the type of filter I had was not washable, and the only thing I had managed to do was to damage it. This caused some damage to the air purification help of the smart HVAC. The air purification in the house had been tampered with, which is why I had felt the need for the new gadget. I would also need to have duct cleaning.
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